Disc Pig is a custom-designed, all-urethane one-piece, composite pig made to accommodate special pipeline configurations such as multiple diameters, offset fittings, spherical pigging valves, and subsea piggable wye fittings. Separation of various media and products when filling and displacing them from the pipeline.

Standard Features
  • No need for pig maintenance (discs, cups replacement). For pipelines with small diameters, it is often advisable to use solid cast pigs, without spending time and money on servicing metal-body pigs
  • No metal body, reduced risk of the pig getting stuck in the pipelines)
  • Weight of the solid cast pig is less than that of a metal-body pig, which reduces its wear rate and makes it easier to handle
  • Due to the presence of a cavity in the pig body, the risk of pigs (without transmitter) getting stuck in sharp bends is reduced
  • Pigs can be made of polyurethane of various grades, and with different hardness
Disc Pig