PU Screen Mats / PU Mesh

Polyurethane screen panel is made of three-component composite raw materials by one-time casting to enhance the elasticity and wear resistance of the sieve plate. The excellent elasticity effectively solves the hole blocking phenomenon and greatly improves the service life of the screen panel.

Standard Features
  • Polyurethane Screen Panel is commonly used in dewatering and classification of mineral process and construction industries.
  • ARR polyurethane screen panel is manufactured by the processing technology of steel wire covered with polyurethane. It is characterized by firm structure and durability.
  • ARR polyurethane screen panel adopts high-quality polyurethane raw materials, which has excellent elasticity, super wear resistance and good screening efficiency.
  • Opening shape and opening size, screen plate thickness, fixing method, overall size and other elements can be arbitrarily determined.
PU Screen Mats / PU Mesh